IP Video: IP Cameras

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Module Length: 1 Credit Hour
Approved for CEUs by: Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, New Jersey

In the previous module, we looked at how IP Video Surveillance Systems are connected to a network, including some of the basic network configurations that are commonly used. In this module, we will be looking at how IP VSS signals are managed and transmitted over those networks.

We will explain the basics of how video signals are managed and optimized for transmission over an IP-based network and discuss the relationship between frame size and resolution and how these factors affect the quality of a video signal. After completing this module, you will understand how bandwidth affects the transmission of video signals and outline the advantages and challenges of both wired and wireless transmission methods.

ATTENTION NEW JERSEY LICENSE HOLDERS: This course is approved for 1.00 hours of continuing education by the NJ Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm and Locksmith Advisory Committee. If you are submitting this course for CEUs in NJ, you must contact us with your NJ license number so we may provide you with the appropriate certificate upon completing the course. Please email support@specouniversity.com or call 502-254-1590 when you have finished taking the online content. We will then create your NJ specific certificate and email it to you within 24 hours.